Investing in our Community

By Michael Da Gama Pinto

The Foundry raised $200k for beyondblue in loving memory of Tom Parry.

September 2015 was a great moment in my life. We sold a controlling interest in Swisse to the Health and Happiness Group (HK:1112). I was on top of the world.

But then in January 2016, a friend of 20 years called with the devastating news that his 26-year-old son has taken his life. How quickly I was reminded about the real value of life; that our true wealth is our community’s health.

A key company value at the Foundry, that was set by the entire team, focuses on ensuring we are socially responsible and give back to the community. When we discussed the sadness of Tom’s passing, we decided as a team that a charity event in Tom’s name should be the first investment we make to the community. So Beyond the Green was born.

Nearly two years after Tom’s passing, Beyond The Green saw 150 people gather at the Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club to take part in our charity golf day, but most importantly to remember the bright, witty, kind and loving Tom Parry.

Our first speaker, The Hon. Jeff Kennett kicked off the day the only way Jeff could. He addressed the audience and left us with three key takeaways:

  1. Be aware of your own use of technology and the impact it is having on your behaviour, your sleep and your life.
  2. Be the best role model you can be for your children, demonstrating to them the best practice use of technology. Don’t just tell them, make sure you set the example.
  3. Prioritise yourself. You cannot take care of others if you are not looking after yourself.

Once the golf was finished, we were entertained by the Chairman of Australia’s Hat Trick on Debut Club – Damien Fleming. The Bowlologist was a terrific MC and auctioneer and he also had the pleasure of introducing the beyondblue Ambassador Brad McEwan.

Brad was extremely generous, sharing his very raw and honest story about the challenges the McEwan family has experienced with mental health issues over many years. Speaking on the 29th anniversary of the suicide of his brother, which was not long followed by the suicide of his father, Brad inspired us all to have a more honest conversation about mental health and continue the fight to remove the stigma surrounding it.

The winners of the day were announced, with Paul Lewis (PwC) Group* taking the title of the first Beyond the Green.

Thanks to our incredibly inspirational speakers, our generous guests and amazing sponsors, the indefatigable Foundry team were able to raise $200k for beyondblue and start important conversations about mental health.

We are so grateful and thankful for everyone’s support on the day.



* Prior to hosting the event, I did say that if Paul, a good friend of mine, won the event we would not be holding it again next year. Therefore, stay tuned for a new event in 2019 😊


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